Hoi An, an ancient city filled with artistry in Vietnam, has captivated millions of visitors with its romantic beauty, rich history, and distinctive culture. “What makes Hoi An special?” is a question that many people are eager to explore. One of the things that sets Hoi An apart is the Hoi An Memories Show, one of the must see show in Vietnam and a culinary paradise.

Phố cổ Hội An

Phố cổ Hội An

1.Hoi An Memories Show

The Hoi An Memories Show is not just a simple performance but also an amazing experience for the audience. With the combination of art and modern technology, this show has created a vibrant and emotional space.

Audiences are taken on a colorful and diverse journey, from the lives of Hoi An residents in the past to the present and future. Each act is executed with professionalism and sophistication, from costumes, props to the actors, both local and international, promising to provide the audience with memorable experiences.

Furthermore, the audience can participate in interactive activities and take photos with the actors after the show ends. This helps create a close and friendly space between the audience and the performers

"Hoi An Memory Show - One of the must see show in Vietnam"

“Hoi An Memory Show – One of the must see show in Vietnam”

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2. Culinary paradise in Hoi An

1. Cao Lau

When mentioning Hoi An, one immediately thinks of Cao Lau. This is a famous specialty unique to Hoi An, particularly known for its secret preparation involving the concentrated water from the town’s lye rice fields. This dish is not only aromatic but also an integral part of the city’s unique culinary culture. You will experience the delicate flavor harmonizing the soft noodles and various fresh herbs. Some Cao Lau eateries you can consider are:

– Ong Hai Restaurant: 6A Truong Minh Luong, Hoi An

– Di Hat Restaurant: 81 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An

– Thanh Cao Lau: 26 Thai Phien, Hoi An

– Hong Cao Lau: 18 Thai Phien, Hoi An

2. Quang Noodle

Additionally, Quang Noodle in Hoi An is also a fantastic experience for savoring local cuisine. The broth is prepared from pork bones and distinctive spices, creating a unique and distinct taste compared to Quang Noodle in other regions. You can enjoy Quang Noodle with various meats, fresh seafood, and mixed rice paper, creating a delicious and appealing meal.

Hoi An is the culinary paradise of Vietnam, where you can indulge in many distinctive and delicious dishes. Quang Noodle is one of the famous dishes here. Below are some places to enjoy delicious Quang Noodle in Hoi An that you should try:

– Ba Bui Quang Noodle Shop: 22A Tran Phu, Hoi An

– Ba Giao Quang Noodle Restaurant: 68 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An.

– Mrs. Ha Quang Noodle Shop: 2B Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An.

3. Phuong Bread

You cannot miss Phuong Bread at 2b Phan Chu Trinh – a renowned culinary symbol in Hoi An. The bread here is famous for its crispy and fragrant texture, combined with fillings such as chicken, meatball, fish cake, and finely processed pate. Enjoying a hot and fragrant bread is an unforgettable experience when stepping foot in Hoi An.

Phuong bread freshly baked

Phuong bread freshly baked


Especially, the annual culinary festival is a standout feature of Hoi An. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in cooking events, savor delicious specialties, and engage in discussions with talented chefs about the secrets of traditional dishes.

From the information shared above, perhaps you already have an answer to the question: “What makes Hoi An special?” Hoi An is not only a place that preserves the values of historical and cultural heritage but also a diverse and unique culinary paradise. From Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Banh Mi Phuong, to countless other dishes, each culinary delight tells a story, leaving its own mark on this ancient city. Additionally, the Hoi An memory show is always one of the must see show in Vietnam, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.